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Pokemon Plushies Sale [Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Location] 
24th-May-2011 10:34 pm
Rules of my Shop:

1) Everything shown here is shipped from Hawaii. Please note this, especially if you live on the east cost of the North America, Africa or Europe.
2) Haggling is okay.
3) Please leave me feedback if you are pleased with my service! =) It's located here
4) Please honor your word that you will buy my goods and promptly pay. If you back out, I will remember your username, and for the wrong reasons.
5) Reserving is allowed, but only for 24 hours.
6) pkmncollectors  rules apply.

About Pricing and shipping:

ALL PRICES DO NOT INCLUDED SHIPPING. Shipping will depend on where you live and what you ordered. You are free to ask for a quote.

I will ship anywhere on planet Earth. If you live in an area that the US postal system/eBay considers high risk areas, your shipping invoice may be higher. I'll let you know ahead of time though before you decide to pay or not =)

Accepted Payments:

Concealed cash (any currency) AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
Paypal (you WILL be responsible for the fees)
Credit Card/ATM via Google Checkout
Money Order (domestic or International)
Personal Checks (I will not send until the payment is cleared)

I MAY do item trades depending on what items you own. Please provide photo proof with photographs that you have taken yourself, not other people's photographs.

If you have any questions, please ask~!



20" Christmas  Piplup MWT - $75 OBO (shipping may be high depending on where you live).
-> *One of the threads for Piplup's hat (it attaches that side of the head to its head) was cut. Will repair for free upon request.
Christmas Munchlax DX MWT - $45 OBO
Palkia DX (shiny material to the right) Has both tags, bent back fins common in Palkias - $20
Palkia DX (normal material to the left) Has all three tags (the picture tag on arm as creases), bent back fins common in Palkias - $25
Buizel DX MWT - $65 OBO
Victini DX MWT - $55 OBO
Snivy DX MWT (shiny material, missing hang string?) - $35


Giratina Origin Forme (tush tag) - $35
Shaymin Land Forme (tush tag) - $30
Piplup... normal forme lol (tush tag) - $25
Giratina is Banpresto, other two are Takara Tomy.

Normal Banpresto UFOs


All are Banpresto UFO with all their tags and hangstrings
Samurott - $35
Victini - $35
Reshiram (two available) - $30
Rest are $22 each.

Oshawott: $30
Snivy: $30
Rest are $22 each. I have 3x Deerlings and 2x Chillarmies.

Unown F - $18
Togekiss - $17
Sheildon - $18

Unique/Different Hangtag Banpresto UFOs
Everything has its paper tags and hang strings. Some of the paper tags may have creases. If this is a deal breaker for you, ask me and I will re-verify the condition of the hangtag for you =)

Halloween 2010 Espeon - $35
Halloween 2010 Sableye - $22
Light Up Cheeks Croagunk - $25
Buneary Handpuppet - $15
Laying Down Glameow - $22

Palkia (bent/split back fins, has been repaired with fabric glue. Lower jaw has glue aging damage?) - $17
Darkrai - $27
Piplup - $17
Turtwig - $17

Squirtle (Waffle texture x2): $30 each
Munchlax (Waffle texture): $25
Mudkip: (Waffle texture): $30

Staravia - $22
Munchlax (Knit texture): $30
Pachirisu - $18

Banpresto Keychain Plush Photobucket
All are $10 each. Three Snivies available. Chillarmy is SOLD.

Entei MWT - $25
Suicune MWT - $25
Snover (minky) - $35

Photobucket Tepig keychain talkie MIB - $35
Snivy keychain talkie Out of package, rarely used - $33

Photobucket Mewtwo (tush tag) - $80 OBO
Mew (tush tag) - $50 OBO
Kyogre (tush tag) - $80 OBO
Deoxys (tush tag) - $60 OBO
..... I'm probably going to run an auction with these four LOL.

Photobucket Lucario (tush tag) - $35 OBO
Manaphy - $17
Mesprit - $17

Photobucket Hand Towel Series Pikachu (loved) -$17
Hand Towel Series Squirtle (loved)  - $20
Plusle (has some plastic wrapper in its ears that makes crinkling noises) - $17
Photobucket Treecko - $30
Cyndaquil - $30
Axew - $16
Torchic (missing hangstring) $16
Skitty - $20

THE FLAWED PLUSH (they still need love though!)
Glameow (tail no longer sewn in a twisting fashion. Will repair for free upon request) - $15
Mime Jr (pom pom on chest is loose, will  repair for free upon request) - $8
Cranidos (cut tush tag) - $10

Reversible Plush:
Chansey (missing right foot... I threw it away not knowing what it was. Can be repaired): $6
Electrode: $7
Clefairy: $12
Squirtle (pokeball button needs gluing back on): $7
Poliwag: $8
Toegpi: $9

Bandai Friends 1998 Plush :

Jigglypuff - $13
Charmander - $15

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28th-May-2011 11:25 pm (UTC)
Hiiiii~ I'm sorry if this feels like a useless comment, but I was just wondering where did you get that sonic tablecloth? I haven't seen that one before.
28th-May-2011 11:31 pm (UTC)
It's actually a SEGASonic the Hedgehog curtain. I got it from Rakuten Auctions a while back (shipping is a PAIN because it was in a lot with other heavier curtains). You can see a somewhat better picture of it in my Sonic Sales page in my LiveJournal.
30th-May-2011 08:27 pm (UTC)
how much for the Lucario & Giratina plushes? and the Lucario bobblehead?
30th-May-2011 08:44 pm (UTC)
I'm thinking $35 for Giratina (he's pretty large) and $40 for Lucario. The Lucario Bobblehead has already been sold unfortunately =(
2nd-Jun-2011 11:30 am (UTC)
Hello there!

I'm interested in getting the Miccino plush. How much is the shipping to Australia? I hope it's not too high >
2nd-Jun-2011 11:35 am (UTC)
Hi! Shipping+fees+packing materials to Australia will be +$6.50 ^^ let me know if this is okay. If so, please send the money to segamew_art_emporium (at) yahoo.com
2nd-Jun-2011 05:03 pm (UTC)
Just curious on the shipping for the Torchic to 32927
3rd-Jun-2011 02:56 am (UTC)
Hi! Shipping/fees/etc to 32927 will be $4.50 =3 Let me know if you're still interested!
6th-Jun-2011 12:28 am (UTC)
Hi there! I'm curious if Munna is still available and if so how much would it be to 95677?
6th-Jun-2011 12:30 am (UTC)
Hi! Munna is still available =) It'll be +$4 for shipping/fees/etc. Let me know if you're still interested~
11th-Jun-2011 06:56 pm (UTC)
Would you be willing to do $20 shipped for Deoxys?
11th-Jun-2011 06:56 pm (UTC)
Oh yeah, I'm in the US, zip code 14623. Forgot about that!
3rd-Jul-2011 12:01 pm (UTC)
How much would the Buneary puppet be to Australia? ^_^
3rd-Jul-2011 12:08 pm (UTC)
After all the fees and shipping, it should be $23 ^^
3rd-Jul-2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
How much would Jigglypuff friends plush be to UK? (This is just a question as I need to know if I can afford it first. ^^)
3rd-Jul-2011 08:39 pm (UTC)
WHOOPS jk jk I meant $17.50 total. My brain farted and thought of Haramnder friends instead of Jiggly :(
3rd-Jul-2011 06:24 pm (UTC)
oh god i shouldn't but that is the CUTEST oshawott plush i've seen
quote to 32605? ;_;
3rd-Jul-2011 08:46 pm (UTC)
He is pretty cute huh? :D I keep seeing the frown face variation in people's sales :P totally it would be $34.00 after fees and shipping.
3rd-Jul-2011 09:01 pm (UTC)
i apologize for the non-pokemon related question, but are those sonic sheets?!! whatever it is, where did you find it? i so want it now. hahaha
3rd-Jul-2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
Those are actually Sonic curtains laid on my bed for photo purposes (and so I can tell whoever is photojacking).

The Sonic curtains can be found for sale in my Sonic sales page (look at the links to the left) :3
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