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Pokemon Figures and Keychain 
4th-Jun-2011 12:16 pm
Pokemon Time Farfetch'D
Rules of my Shop:

1) Everything shown here is shipped from Hawaii. Please note this, especially if you live on the east cost of the North America, Africa or Europe.
2) Haggling is okay.
3) Please leave me feedback if you are pleased with my service! =) It's located here
4) Please honor your word that you will buy my goods and promptly pay. If you back out, I will remember your username, and for the wrong reasons.
5) Reserving is allowed, but only for 24 hours.

About Pricing and shipping:

ALL PRICES DO NOT INCLUDED SHIPPING. Shipping will depend on where you live and what you ordered. You are free to ask for a quote.

I will ship anywhere on planet Earth. If you live in an area that the US postal system/eBay considers high risk areas, your shipping invoice may be higher. I'll let you know ahead of time though before you decide to pay or not =)

Accepted Payments:

Concealed cash (any currency) AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
Paypal (you WILL be responsible for the fees)
Credit Card/ATM via Google Checkout
Money Order (domestic or International)
Personal Checks (I will not send until the payment is cleared)

I MAY do item trades depending on what items you own. Please provide photo proof with photographs that you have taken yourself, not other people's photographs.

If you have any questions, please ask~!

These keychains have some sort of device with a button on the back. I do not know what they're supposed to do.
$6 each

Pokemon Kids
$1 - Plusle (paint scuffs)
$2 - The rest except below SOLD: Minun
$3 - Plusle MIP, Skymin, Landmin, Giratina Altered Forme

Arceus Battrio - $2
Shaymin Battrio - $2
Battle Dice [Lucario - Lenticular, Swamper - Lenticular, Seaking - Foil, Marshtomp - Foil, Mudkip, Goldeen] - $7 OBO
Munchlax DS Card case - $2.50

I don't know what kind of figures these are. They are soft/rubbery and have a hole plug at the bottom (I don't recommend remove the plugs)
Piplup (paint scuff) - $1
Piplip (less paint scuff, left side) - $1.25
Turtwig - $1.25
Munchax - $1.25

Light up Pikachu - $5.50
Treecko - $3.50
Torchic - $3.50
Piplup with bubbles and Pokeball - $4.50
Turtwig - $2.25
Black Munchlax - $1.25 each

Meowth - $0.75
Wobbufett (paint scuffs) - $0.75
Pichu bobblehead (tiny!) - $3.50
Wobufett roller/slider thing (he has a metal ball at the bottom) - $3.25
Pikachu bottom heavy figure - $2.25
Minin bottom heavy figure - $2.25

MIP Bulbasaur phone charm - $15
Drifblim phone charm - $7
Croagunk phone charm - $5.50

MIP Palkia figure keychain - $15 OBO Photobucket
All MIP Tomys - $15 each OBO
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